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Land Snake Pokémon / #206 / Normal / 1.5 m / 14.0 kg

Dunsparce ノコッチ डंसपार्स
Insolourdo 土龍弟弟 土龙弟弟
Dummisel 노고치  

Designed by Hironobu Yoshida, Dunsparce made its debut in Pokémon Gold and Silver for Gameboy Color in 1999. Based upon the Tsuchinoko cryptid of Japan, it takes its appearance from the flat, alcohol-loving serpent. Even Tsuchinoko’s other name- bachi hebi, or “bee snake”- makes Dunsparce’s design a visual pun.

Dunsparce has a drill for its tail. It uses this tail to burrow into the ground backward. This Pokémon is known to make its nest in complex shapes deep under the ground. It hides deep inside caves where no light ever reaches it and remains virtually motionless there. It can float just slightly using its wings.

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Spaceworld ROM Beta Dunsparce

Fat, dumb, and dearly beloved

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