Wanted & Searching

Here is a list of items I've been after for years! The following images have been collected from the Pokémon Collectors community, Yahoo! Auctions, and Mercari.

If you happen to see anything that wasn't listed on my collection pages or here, scroll down for how to contact me- I will seriously buy it. Thanks for looking!

Pokémon Center Trozei Pillow

Gold & Silver Papercraft

Gold & Silver Battle Dice

Armada Versus Sticker

Gold & Silver Pokéball Sticker

Gates to Infinity Prepaid Card

Papercraft Dice

HeartGold SoulSilver Octogon Sticker

Mystery Magnet?

Illustrated Guide Jumbo Sealdass

Illustrated Guide Jumbo Sealdass

Mystery Sticker

Pokémon Cafe Mat

Valfrutta Bottle Cap


You can email me at 206@nokocchi.com, or hit me up on twitter @ itskoob.